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Financial security

Financial security in your lifetime!

A commercial success story is always something that gets you thinking Ė about life, possibilities, problems, hurdles, headaches and financial difficulties. With the resounding acclaim that the musical Mamma Mia has received from the stages of the world and the success of the film Mamma Mia in the global box offices, youíd be forgiven for thinking that everyone had succumbed to Abba-mania.

Itís sad but true that the Abba song that strikes a chord loudly with me is ĎMoney, Money, Money.í Iíve been plagued by financial difficulties, it seems, for most of my adult life and even the soundest debt management advice doesnít work for me.

How could Benny, BjŲrn, Agnetha and Frida have known exactly my financial situation when they sang about working all night and day just to pay the bills without a single penny left over to spend on myself? All the things I could do if only I had a little money and not such a poor credit rating and a Guinness World Records worthy collection of IVA! If itís not a rich manís world, I donít know what it is, for at the moment things donít seem to be going in my favour.

However, help is around the corner, as Iíve just taken charge of consolidating all my individual personal debts into my homeowner loan. This debt consolidation loan allows me to just concentrate on servicing the one loan instead of accruing charges for administration and incurring a range of high interest rates. With the one loan, I will be able to manage my affairs, and all with the one low interest rate. Itís not going to turn my life into a musical, Iím realistic about that, but at least now I can take a positive step forward to managing my own finances responsibly and soundly.



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